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Saturday, 4 October 2014


A few weeks ago I attended #BloggersFestival, a large scale bloggers meet up, yes I know another bloggers event! Quite the social butterfly lately aren't I?! The event was hosted by Scarlett who blogs over at and was held at the Paramount Bar, located on the 31st floor at Centre Point – you know, that really really tall building on Tottenham Court Road. There were over 140 writers, journalists and bloggers in attendance so group by group we bundled into the lifts and made our way up to the 31st floor; being at such a high altitude our ears actually popped – cue several simultaneous squeals of “ooh my ears just popped!” which created a nice bit of friendly pre-event lift banter.

Once we arrived at the event space Scarlett was standing at the entrance greeting and welcoming everyone which I thought was rather nice:

We were also treated to a welcome drink, a choice of either strawberry or raspberry champagne. Being so high up (we were on the 31st floor innit) the views across the city were amazing.

There were lots of fab brands in attendance so with our champagne glasses in tow we went to have a look at the various product showcases. As you can see from the pictures below, we were able to view the Autumn/Winter lines from brands such as Quiz, Urban Outfitters, Ecco and Very:


Urban Outfitters

Minimum A/W collection

Wedges by Want Her Dress

Ecco Shoes



Very were my favourite brand of the day. They’re such a friendly brand and it was really awesome getting a little sneak preview of their fabulous A/W range which launches next month. Their party dresses are especially amazing and I can see the collection being a really big hit.

I could have stood there for ages looking through the rail of seasonal partywear. I loved the way that the Very team had paired the garments with a matching statement necklace – if you’ve ever bought the perfect party outfit but have later realised that you don’t have any jewellery to match, then you’ll really appreciate this.

I was actually so mesmerised by the rail of gorgeous partywear that I didn’t even notice that I was standing right next to a couple of other bloggers that I knew. It was only much later that the penny dropped and I realised, “hey I know these people!” (Sorry guys I wasn’t ignoring you, I was just in another world as usual!).

Nail wraps from IZ Beauty Of London

I also had the pleasure of coming across a brand that I had not heard of before called IZ Beauty Of London, who were on hand to treat us all to nail wraps. The nail wraps are really quick and easy to apply - perfect for people like me who want to do something nice to their nails but never have the time or patience (I mean come on...waiting for nail polish to dry/worrying about smudging it before it dries - I don't have that sort of time!!) to do so. The lady at the stand was actually telling me how she applies hers on the train and I was stood there thinking, "yup, these are gonna be so perfect for me!" That's exactly what I love about events like this, you get to discover cool new brands! 

Bee Good

The Bee Good brand was born in 2008 by husband and wife duo Simon and Caroline who are beekeepers, and were both present at the event. I thought that it was really nice how they had personally come along to tell people all about their brand and products. You could tell that they were really passionate about what they do and it was really interesting learning how the products are made:

Just like most of the brands present at the event, Bee Good were running a Twitter raffle where a simple tweet could win you some fab goodies:

Lee Stafford

Celebrity make-up artist Gary Cockerill

Gary Cockerill was there with cosmetics brand Oriflame treating bloggers to makeovers. Myself and the group of bloggers that I was with were admiring how flawless-looking he is:

So that's a quick overview of my time at #BloggersFestival - an all-round great day mingling with bloggers and brands. Thanks to Scarlett for arranging such a great event!!

Did you attend #BloggersFestival too?

Aimee xx


  1. So many amazing pieces here, love the bright pieces and the sparkly bags.

  2. Ahh you look like you had lots of fun, looking forward to monday tehe :)

  3. Ooh this looks so fun! I was so busy during LFW that I didn't have time to attend any blogger events!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  4. Hello from Spain: Fabulous event. Many fashion and fun. Keep in touch

  5. You are a social butterfly :-) Love the sound of the 'bee good' display/products. Very have fab A/W collections this year! Glad you had a lovely time at the event, looks great!

    x Roch & Tash x

  6. Wow, sounds like an amazing time. Fabulous photos too

  7. That is so much fun, what a wonderful experience! I wish I can attend one someday :) Love all the shoes!

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  8. I went to the Bloggers Festival! It was such a fun day meeting all the brands and bloggers. Can't wait for the next one! :)

    Love From Twinkle

  9. Looks like it was an amazing event!

    Sam //

  10. Wow i am so jealous you got to go to this it looked amazing!! x


  11. Looks great! I love Bee Good and so amazing you got to meet the creators x


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