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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blogging Masterclass With Primark and 'Inthefrow'

Blogging Masterclass With Primark and 'Inthefrow' - Victoria Inthefrow 
A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be selected to attend an exclusive blogging masterclass with Victoria from Inthefrow over at Primark HQ in central London. The event was held in association with Oxford St Fashion Showcase to celebrate London Fashion Week and was an opportunity for bloggers to grab an cheeky sneak preview of Primark's (then unreleased) AW14 collection followed by a Q&A session with successful blogger and YouTuber Victoria aka Inthefrow.

When I first arrived at the event I was a bit shy, especially as the event was on a smaller more intimate scale than some of the past blogger events that I have been but of course I soon opened up!

Here's some pics from the event:

On arrival we were treated to a very tasty spread:

Our seats for the Q&A session:

Previewing Primark's AW14 collection in advance...

As I mentioned above, before the Q&A session started we were able to preview Primark's AW14 collection which at the time of the event, September [yes I know I'm really late posting this as these photos were lost in the depths of my laptop!] - hadn't hit the shops yet so it was quite exciting getting a cheeky preview!

...naturally I took pictures for you of course!

Everything that you see below is currently on sale in Primark now. I took close-ups of all the things that I want to buy - yup I'm totally using my blog as my personal shopping list lol!

I was particularly impressed by the quality of the winter coats and knitwear, especially the items on this rail below as they were really thick and heavy making them ideal for winter:

There were so many great winter coats!

Below: I really really love this jacket and yup it's definitely at the top of my shopping list! I'm going to the massive Primark store on Oxford Street in a fews days time so hopefully it will be mine very soon (provided that it actually suits me of course)!

These two necklaces are definitely on my shopping list as well!


Primark's autumn/winter shoe collection is awesome, and I'm particularly loving the cleated sole styles:


Primark Menswear Primark Menswear Primark AW14 Menswear

Primark Menswear Primark Menswear Primark AW14 Menswear - Primark Autumn Winter Menswear

Victoria mingling before the Q&A session began:

The  Q&A begins!
The session was led by Karina Nobbs, Fashion and Branding Lecturer from London College of Fashion. Karina asked Victoria a really fantastic range of questions, asking her about how she first got into blogging, what her inspirations are and what advice she had for anyone thinking of starting a blog of their own...and much more! It was a very comprehensive set of questions and later when it was our turn to ask Victoria questions, I found that mine had already been covered during Karina’s session. So generally it was a thoroughly useful session, Victoria gave us lots of great advice, and I really enjoyed learning more about her blogging journey and successes to date.

After the session had ended we got a chance to talk to Victoria and have our pics taken with her. She was absolutely lovely and so down-to-earth! 

Once again guests could browse the rails before they left:

All in all it was a very pleasant evening and I thoroughly enjoyed everything - from previewing Primark's autumn/winter ranges to hearing Victoria's inspirational tips and advice! Thanks to Primark for having me and also for the generous gift voucher and goody bag. I'm starting to love Primark even more now as it was really nice of them to host the event and inspire the next generation of bloggers. Their choice of speaker was spot on, Victoria was certainly the right person for the job as she's such a positive role model. Victoria actually made a point of stating the importance of being nice to people, saying "it doesn't cost anything to be nice" which I really loved - imagine what a lovely place the world would be (let alone the blogosphere!) if everyone thought like that!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the post! ...Have you got your eye on any of the bits above? 
...Have you bought yourself anything nice from Primark lately?!

Aimee xx


  1. This looks like an amazing event! So jealous wish I could have gone haha. The food looks yummy :)

  2. I adore Primark and have missed it so much since I moved away from the UK! Those faux fur coats look amazing! And congrats on being chosen :)

    Rachel xx

  3. Looks like an amazing event, would love to go to something like this one day

  4. Beautiful pictures and it sounds like you had a great time! The fashion is amazing! x

  5. Congrats on being chosen to go, I think I'd get all shy too! The event looks amazing x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  6. Omg,a lot of amazing pieces!

  7. I've never seen an event like this, it looks great! I'll have to check out her blog because I've never heard of her before :)

    Corinne x

  8. <333 such amazing post
    love it

  9. What a fun event!! Loving all the furs!

    <3 Shannon

  10. Wow, I would love to attend an event and meet Victoria! I love her quote about being kind, I think that's so true. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Chow Down USA

  11. Amazing photos, all looks perfect!! Primark is amazing!!

  12. This was a great event and i wish i could attend a event like this which can add experiences. I am Royal Wang from

  13. This looks like it was so much fun and you met Victoria! Loving loads of the items you photographed. I can't wait to go to Primark next Monday now
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  14. Looks like a great/fun event! Looooving all the fur!

    Clothes & Quotes


  15. You have so lovely blog ! ♥ ♥ ♥
    kisses from Poland,
    Oliwia ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  16. This event looks great, so interesting! Love the photos.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

  17. I'd love to attend this event, I'd wish that in my town had something like this! =)

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  18. How fantastic that you were chosen to take part in this event! The food looks delicious - especially the mini burgers! I'm amazed at Primark's collections, I can't say that I've ever shopped there however blogging has really opened my eyes to what the store has to offer! :)


  19. What a great event to be part of, especially the delicious food and amazing clothes. I'd love nothing better than to look at Primark clothes in a relaxed surrounding!

    Victoria x

  20. That sounds amazing! xx

  21. This looks like such an amazing event. I love Victoria's blog and am very jealous that you got to meet her!

    Bethan | Thought from Beth x


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