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Saturday, 6 December 2014

I like the shiny shiny bling bling!!

Christmas day is only 18 days away and my world has fast become a lavish affair of gold, sparkles and glitter. I see lots of Christmas sparkle wherever I go, especially when I'm out shopping - there are some fantastic looking store windows out there, especially in London. (Spoiler alert: I actually have an upcoming post featuring some of London's finest Christmas window displays so look out for it!)

Seeing all this gold, glitz and sparkle on a daily basis must have rubbed off on me as lately I'm obsessed with all such-like things and have found myself turning to a spot of online browsing in order to feed my love of the shiny shiny. Here's a small selection of fancies that have been satisfying the magpie in me:

(...this is kind of like a luxury bling wishlist lol...and who knows, if you're looking for some lavish Christmas gift ideas then perhaps some of the below will tickle your fancy!)

The epic gold backpack:

...Epic innit?!

You gotta love a sparkly handbag and gold shoes!!

...Ooh sparkly Christmas party wear!

...I love the sparkly gold playsuit - it would be ideal for Christmas party wear!
...and the dress on the right is such a thing of beauty isn't it?!

The bling trainers:

...totally loving the diamond encrusted bling hardware on these Giuseppe Zanotti hi-tops - plus they're made of velvet, how dandy is that?! (I like the bits of shiny patent too - and we all know how much I love the shiny shiny!!)

Bling up your talons!

Festive nail bling is essential for the Christmas party season and I'm really loving the look of this Nails Inc set:

Festive bling home decor and a gold Prosecco bottle... can even glam up your house with this bling deer ornament!

...we also have a gold Prosecco bottle - this would make a fancy gift don't you think? Now the golden bottle isn't just all for show you know, it actually protects the wine from light thus preserving its aroma and freshness, as well as giving the wine a longer life. Clever nuh?

A very glamorous timepiece...

...eek just look at all those diamonds and pearls! this is such an exquisite dress watch!

Patek Philippe manufacture and assemble the finest timepieces in the world so it's no wonder really that their watches are owned by royalty and world-known leaders. (I'd certainly feel like a princess wearing a watch like this!) You can browse more of their exquisite watches here. that was quite fun! ...I hope that you enjoyed paying homage to all things gold and sparkly with me!

....By the way: Gosh, Christmas is now only 18 days away!! I'm just looking forward to big day itself now - you know, having a big dinner with the whole family (such precious moments aren't they?!), lounging around the house eating indulgent Xmas food and watching Christmas movies...that sort of thing!

...Of course the current lead-up to Christmas is amazing too and I'm aiming to do and see as many festive things as possible - some of which I expect I'll be sharing with you here on the blog :)

Do you love all things glitzy and christmassy too? What did you think of the above pretties??!
Do you have an inner magpie too???!

Have a great weekend,
Aimee xx

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  1. Love that YSL bag!!

  2. I´m in love with this backpack and the shoes! They´re so cool!:)

  3. Sparkles everywhere this time of year!

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  4. Love that DvF playsuit!!

  5. It's all gorgeous! I especially love the nails inc set! I love anything to do with sparkles :)

  6. I must say I love all the glitter! especially that golden backpack:)


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