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Monday, 5 January 2015

LFW | Busardi SS15

I was recently looking through the photos on my laptop and discovered some images from the Busardi SS15 London Fashion Week show that I had almost completely forgotten about. I’m actually quite glad that I hadn't posted these pictures earlier as it means that my first blog post of 2015 is a complete corker – after all, the Busardi SS15 runway show was extremely exquisite (if you haven’t seen the collection yet then you’ll see what I mean in a minute)!

Everything about the show was wonderful – from the beautiful invitation (the fancy ostrich feathers were a great clue as to what was in store for us) to the plush venue (a luxurious Georgian mansion in Mayfair)…to the actual collection itself of course.

As you would expect, there were plenty of stylish guests in attendance:

There were tons of VIPs and celebrities such as model and actor Charlie Mills and
model Tom Leigh, who you can see in the picture below siting front row:

If you look to the far right of the photo above, you might just be able to very vaguely see Rosie from the popular British lifestyle blog The Londoner. At the time I wasn't 100% sure if it was actually her or otherwise I would have definitely gone over to say hi.

About the collection

The Busardi SS15 collection is titled 'Air' -  here is some background information for you:

Busardi Spring/Summer 2015

Inspired by the incredibly diverse landscapes and microenvironments of South America, the Spring/Summer 2015 collection takes us on a journey with an archetypal Busardi woman, strong beautiful as she soars through the glacier-hewn fields of Patagonia, past the smoking plunge pools of the Iguazu Falls and into the golden pink sand deserts of Argentina.”

Key themes
  • A splendour of exquisitely crafted gowns play with layering and transparency to create new codes of modern femininity.

  • Pulling on a rich tapestry of references, models are personified into resplendent eagles covered in an armour of accessories: ear cuffs, bracelets and necklaces moulded in solid silver and covered with crystals and pearls – challenging the traditional notions of evening wear.

  • Not comprising on luxe detailing, a profusion of floating hemlines and floor skimming skirts maintain the red carpet grandeur.

    • The attachment of soft ostrich feathers on cocktail dresses, evening gowns and jackets nods to exquisite birds in flight, while lace-formed adornments command a serene glacial allusion.

    ...and now without further ado, here are my pictures from the Busardi SS15 LFW show:

    These are all my own images - I'm so pleased at how well they turned out!

    The notion of ‘Air’ was also prevalent through the models’ messy, windswept hair, and I really loved the way that the makeup (contoured, flawless dewy skin and metallic eyes) gave the collection a cool, modern edge.

    I loved the way that the ostrich feathers floated softly through the air as the models drifted down the runway - the models really did look like birds about to take flight!

    My most favourite pieces from the collection are the turquoise gown 
    above and the finale piece below:

    A queen of the birds, adorned with hundreds of grey ostrich feathers layered around the shoulders of a trademark cape. Heavily encrusted ear cuffs frame the model’s face, while delicate hand embroidered appliqué finely decorates the waist of a silk dress; her silver tulle skirt trails the runway, mirroring the tail of a great bird as she soars through the Patagonian air:

    ...Such an amazing collection. The colour palette of subdued pastels and earthy tones is so beautiful:

    When the show finished the models lined up together allowing us to get a close-up of the fine garments:

    (...Not a bad shot actually - considering that I took it whilst walking down the stairs!)

    So I’m sure that you’ll all agree – this is red carpet grandeur at it’s finest! It was really amazing seeing the luxury fashion house’s signature use of embroidery, lace and appliqué up close in person - the sheer amount of fine craftsmanship that has gone into this collection is truly mind-blowing!

    I hope that you enjoyed my pictures and coverage – what are your thoughts on this beautiful collection?

    Aimee xx


    1. Wow these clothes are really my style, great blogpost!

      x Karen

      1. Thank you :) What gorgeous taste you have! x

    2. The collection is amazing and elegant great images awesome post.

      1. Thanks my dear :) It's so exquisite isn't it :) x

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      Alex //

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    7. Terrific pictures, awesome fashion. Looks like you had a fantastic time at the event.
      Happy New Year

      1. Thank you lovely I did :) Happy New Year too my dear :) x

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      1. Aw, you would love it hun, these pieces are so unreal up close! They currently have some really stunning images on their homepage so check it out doll :) x

    13. Beautiful items; the turquoise gown is definitely our favourite too :-)

      x Roch & Tash x

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    18. Wow!!! Love seeing fashion show events like this. They have great collections. Thanks for sharing :)

      Looking forward to see more of your posts!

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