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Monday, 12 January 2015

LFW | Ashish SS15 – Tackling Diversity in the Fashion Industry

When I think back to the most momentous fashion moments of 2014, the one thing that comes to my mind immediately is the Ashish catwalk show at London Fashion Week SS15...well okay there are actually two things – the other is the Kimye Vogue cover. I still remember the big hoo-ha that it caused, but let's be honest, the whole thing was instigated to shock really. Anyway, let’s get back to some “real” fashion now shall we – the Ashish SS15 LFW show.

Now unless you’ve been living a high fashion-starved life (the equivalent of living in a cave), then you’ll know that for his SS15 LFW show, Delhi-born designer Ashish Gupta chose to feature a cast of all-black models. Lets be serious here, the lack of racial diversity in the fashion industry is an important issue that needs to be addressed, so I’m really pleased that Ashish chose to draw attention to the matter. 

Now before we take a look back at the Ashish SS15 catwalk images I would just like to say that discrimination of any kind is horrid, and hopefully one day we can stamp that nonsense out for good.

So okay, now for the Ashish SS15 LFW catwalk images - prepare to be bedazzled!

Key themes
Sequinned rainbows, snakeprint and a nod to celebrity and popular culture

The rainbow of sequins put a smile on my face straightaway :)

You can just imagine the sheer amount of skill and craftsmanship that 
has gone into making the sequins resemble snakeskin

My favourites - I would easily wear any of the below, especially the dresses and fluffy sandals!

Keeping it current - a reference to the world of celebrity and popular culture:

Back in September you may have seen news headlines saying things like "Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attend London Fashion Week" - well nope they weren't actually there in the flesh, but Ashish did however feature their faces on a hand-embroidered sweatshirt...and yes of course, peeps on Twitter went majorly crazy for it, along with Ashish's One Direction jeans and Miley Cyrus sweatshirt:

As you’ll see from the images above, Ashish's cast of all-black models included vitiligo spokesperson Winnie Harlow – yup, and that my friends is how you redefine the global definition of beauty via the catwalks. Massive kudos to Ashish here – he has long been a favourite designer of mine and now my respect for him has just soared even further.

With regards to the collection, as obvious as it may be, the first thing I could say was "ooh it’s very Ashish!” His signature sequins, glamour and sportswear are all over this shizz. If anyone can show you how to add sequins to your everyday life, then there’s only one man for the job really. I remember reading an interview in which Ashish said that he loathes seeing youngsters going about their normal daily business dressed in plain old gym clothes, so it makes sense really that the king of high-octane glamour would want to bling up his sportswear.

...So there you go, that's how you put on a great runway show and make an important statement at the same time - what a man indeed!!

Thanks for reading,
Aimee xx

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  1. Love them! Its sooo cool and chic!

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  4. The collection looks amazing! xx


  5. Amazing collection, love the colors and textures! :D

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  7. What a great collection, I love all the colours and textures.

    Corinne x

  8. Very cool. I really like the impact of that material in black.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. Fantastic aren't they, I'm glad that you love them too! x

  9. Loving the colors, glam, and chic of these outfits. Great post!!!

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  10. This collection was one of my most favourites from SS15 LFW. Such a young and fresh outfits, so cool and still very chic!
    Have a great new week Aimee!:)

    1. Ashish is always one my LFW faves, so glad that you're a fan too!

      Thanks Monica, have a lovely week too hun xx

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