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Thursday, 19 February 2015

London Fashion Week - A Few Quick Tips

** All images in this post are mine - taken by myself last season :)  **

So London Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow - who's excited? I thought that I'd mark the occasion by sharing some LFW tips with you as based on my past experience:

My LFW tips

Well firstly I guess I should start off by advising you to wear comfortable shoes or to keep some flats handy to change into. Now last season, I actually did wear comfortable shoes, and lo and behold my feet still ended up hurting! I actually remember thinking "well fine, next time I'll just wear my heels then!" Basically you've been warned - Fashion Week hurts your feet! 

London Fashion Week is a fun and exciting experience, however do not forget to stay hydrated (keep some water on you) and don't forget to eat either. It may sound obvious, but if you're doing show after show, and are busy running around London to the various show venues like I was, then it is very easy to forget to refuel yourself.

There's always people giving out various snacks and beverages so I'd advise you to grab some. Last time while we were in the queue we were given these small packs of posh dried fruit. I took two and kept them in my camera bag for later - and trust me they came in so handy!

Lastly - I think there's rain forecast for the weekend so you may want to pack your brolly!

...and those are my quick tips! I just thought I'd keep it brief but who knows these tips might help someone, especially if you're a fashion week newbie. Although I received some cool invites I have decided not to attend this season as I'm currently a bit poorly so I'll be lying in bed recovering (awwww poor me lol); and as usual I'm mega busy so my head just isn't in "show" mode. I don't know if I'm just being lazy, but I'm more than happy to catch the coverage online, and let's be honest - lying in bed with my hot water bottle is the best seat in the house!! I plan on attending next season though when I will have more time to sort through invites and plan my schedule, but for this season I choose my bed!

Here's a few snaps that I took last season:

The Jamie Wei Huang SS15

I had such a good time at this show - brings back some fond memories!
Click here to view the full collection and to read my show report

The Busardi SS15 show

Click here to read my show report and view more images

Some quick street style pics that I took last season:

I hope you enjoyed these quick LFW tips and pictures. If you're going to LFW this season have fun!

Aimee xx

Monday, 16 February 2015

BEAUTY: Brand Spotlight | Inika

I've been wanting to get more natural makeup into my makeup bag for quite a while so was delighted to get the chance to try some products by Inika, a multi-award winning luxury natural cosmetics brand. The brand's products are all 100% natural and completely free from synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients. Inika are actually one of the only cosmetics brands to have all products certified vegan, halal and cruelty free, and what's more, many of their products are certified organic - good stuff!

I was lucky enough to be sent a lovely selection of Inika products to try out. As you can see below, the products come smartly packaged in nice matte black packaging:

My thoughts on the products that I received

Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation "blurs the line between foundation and moisturiser by hydrating and nourishing the skin while providing a flawless and radiant finish."

Where to begin really...this foundation is amazing! It is full of organic antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and thanks to the addition of essential oils it smells divine! This is a medium-full coverage foundation that leaves you with a gorgeous dewy, natural finish. The formulation is lovely and creamy so the foundation blends really well and applies easily with a brush or your fingers.

The foundation comes with a pump applicator allowing you to dispenses the perfect amount of product with ease. In terms of wear, I would say that this product offers great staying power - on my combination skin I got about 6 hours wear before any shine started to come through.

I really don't have any complaints about this foundation at all. It provides natural coverage, feels comfortable and light on the skin – and best of all it’s free of harsh chemicals!

I tried out the shade Honey which due to it's nice rich golden hues was a perfect match for my skin tone. Now for the girl who is normally always in-between shades, I was mighty chuffed to have found such a great foundation match!

Here's a swatch of the shade Honey for you:

The shade blends into my skin really well so I swatched it on quite heavily just to help it show up on camera. You'll notice that the foundation has a subtle dewy sheen to it, so you can just imagine how gorgeous it looks on the face! I honestly look super healthy when I wear this foundation and it is definitely something that I would repurchase.

Inika Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow - "pure and vibrant mineral eyeshadow, pigment-rich, that will last all day."

This mineral eyeshadow is gorgeous! It has the most silky smooth texture ever and the colour pay-off is fantastic! It is highly pigmented, very easy to blend and really does last all day long - even without a primer. The eyeshadow doesn't crease either - as you can see it is another Inika product that I can't praise enough!


There are lots of pretty shades to choose from (22 to be exact), and I received the shade 'Blue-Topaz' - it's such a pretty soft blue with an amazing shimmer:

You can easily build up the colour for more intensity if you wish too

Certified Organic Lip & Cheek Creme in Rosehip: "Inika's Certified Organic Lip & Cheek Creme is a versatile flush of colour for your face. Dab it on for red lips and gorgeously rosy cheeks that will last all day."

This dual purpose lip and cheek cream is unbelievably creamy and pigmented! You only need the smallest amount or can build up for more coverage. It’s long-lasting, and blends easily too.

I'm in love with this pretty cream lip and cheek colour - it gives both the lips or cheek such a pretty flush of colour. The shade is called Rosehip and is a lovely orange toned red:

Vegan Mineral Lipstick: "Paraben-free and 100% cruelty-free for added peace of mind."

The formulation is lovely - so creamy and moisturising and it feels comfortable on the lips. The colour is quite long-wearing too.

There are eight shades to choose form and each contains shea butter and jojoba oil to moisturise and protect your lips. I tried the two soft nude shades shown below:

Left: 'Warm Dusk'- a nude pink with lilac undertones
Right: 'Naked Ambition' - a nude brown - the perfect nice 'Kylie Jenner nude lip' shade?


Top: Warm Dusk // Bottom: Naked Ambition

Overall thoughts
I had a great time trying out these new makeup products and really enjoyed getting to grips with more natural makeup. In terms of quality natural makeup this is a really great brand - I can definitely see why this brand has won so many awards!

All of the products that I tried preformed really well, and it goes to show that natural makeup really can preform just as well as it's (dare I say it!) synthetic counterparts.

The Inika brand is a great way of getting to grips with 100% natural makeup - I highly recommend it!

Aimee xx

*PR Samples sent for consideration of review

Thursday, 12 February 2015

SpecsPost Petite Glasses Review

Being a petite lass I often struggle finding glasses that fit my small face. I always end up having to buy them from the children's section - hee hee, yes tragic isn't it! Luckily I recently found out about an online glasses company called SpecsPost which caters for us petites - yay!! SpecsPost are a UK based company (they ship internationally) specialising in fashion/geek glasses, petite glasses and prescription sunglasses.

SpecsPost have a petite collection of glasses frames proportioned to fit smaller faces, and furthermore they also have an even smaller extra small section. I was kindly offered the chance to try some glasses from the petite range, here is what I chose:

Style name: Dear Bea (extra small glasses)

Style name: Twitter - I love this name! (extra small glasses)

Style name: Pieni

As you may have noticed, I chose a couple of pairs from the extra small section because I've tried 'petite' frames from other companies and they were still to big on me - what can I say, I must have a really small face! Obviously it's really amazing that SpecsPost offer this option!

You can view more petite ladies glasses here. Specspost also have a great selection of regular sized glasses for both men and women which you can wear for fashion, or like me (I'm short-sighted) you can get prescription lenses put it.

I have to say I am really impressed with the wide selection of frames that SpecsPost have for petite faces - in fact I have never ever had this much choice before! When my glasses arrived (delivery was super fast!) I tried them all on immediately, and couldn't believe that all three frames actually fitted me! It was definitely a good call going for the extra small sized glasses. It is so great to have finally found somewhere that does stylish glasses to fit smaller faces like mine!

...It's so hard to pick a favourite pair!
I love bright colours so I like the purple and red frames the most, and once I finally decide which pair I like best, I will be able to get them made to my prescription, although if you want to you can just buy a frame as a non-prescription fashion item.

Now a dilemma - which one pair from the above do you think I should choose?!

What do you think of the above glasses?

Aimee xx

*PR samples sent for consideration of review

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Review | Color Wow Get in Shape 2-in-1 Working Hair Spray

Colour-treated hair has its fair share of issues and vulnerabilities, luckily Color Wow have created a complete line of professionally-formulated colour care products “to address all the problems related to colour-treated hair." I have colour-treated hair so am the ideal candidate for this line of products, and today I am actually going to tell you about their ‘Get in Shape 2-in-1 Working Hair Spray.’

Regular hair sprays can build-up and discolour your hair, as well as leaving it stiff, crisp and brittle which can be extremely harmful to already fragile chemically-compromised hair. Thankfully Get In Shape gives flexible, fortifying hold without any buildup.

Get In Shape comes packaged as a non-aerosol pump spray so that you don’t get any of those horrible fumes that you would with a standard hair spray. I really like the clean modern design of the packaging, Color Wow is a high-end technically-advanced line of products and I think that the modern packaging reflects this really well.


What I love most about this hair spray:

- The actual formulation of the spray is very light so you can’t even feel it in your hair, and it smells great too.

- The product won’t leave your hair feeling sticky and is easy to brush out.

- This hairspray gives great hold without making the hair stiff and is perfect for taming flyaways. If you are wearing your hair up then a few short spritzes of this spray will help keep your style in tact all day.

Key points

• Gives limp, over-processed hair newfound oomph and guts so it responds to styling
• High-tech formula features flexible resins so hair is shape-able and bendable without snapping
• Allows for continuous restyling
• Glossy, translucent resins won’t darken or dull hair and, in fact, create optimal shine that gives colour added depth, dimension and brilliance

Overall Color Wow Get in Shape 2-in-1 Working Hair Spray is a very effective hair spray. I find it more pleasant to use than a regular aerosol hair spray as you don’t get any awful fumes, and of course because the packaging is more sophisticated than your typical hair spray - I really love the slim shape of the bottle.

My dyed colour-treated hair can sometimes look dull so I love the way that this hair spray makes my hair so shiny!

What do you think of this product?

Aimee xx

*PR sample