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Thursday, 19 February 2015

London Fashion Week - A Few Quick Tips

** All images in this post are mine - taken by myself last season :)  **

So London Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow - who's excited? I thought that I'd mark the occasion by sharing some LFW tips with you as based on my past experience:

My LFW tips

Well firstly I guess I should start off by advising you to wear comfortable shoes or to keep some flats handy to change into. Now last season, I actually did wear comfortable shoes, and lo and behold my feet still ended up hurting! I actually remember thinking "well fine, next time I'll just wear my heels then!" Basically you've been warned - Fashion Week hurts your feet! 

London Fashion Week is a fun and exciting experience, however do not forget to stay hydrated (keep some water on you) and don't forget to eat either. It may sound obvious, but if you're doing show after show, and are busy running around London to the various show venues like I was, then it is very easy to forget to refuel yourself.

There's always people giving out various snacks and beverages so I'd advise you to grab some. Last time while we were in the queue we were given these small packs of posh dried fruit. I took two and kept them in my camera bag for later - and trust me they came in so handy!

Lastly - I think there's rain forecast for the weekend so you may want to pack your brolly!

...and those are my quick tips! I just thought I'd keep it brief but who knows these tips might help someone, especially if you're a fashion week newbie. Although I received some cool invites I have decided not to attend this season as I'm currently a bit poorly so I'll be lying in bed recovering (awwww poor me lol); and as usual I'm mega busy so my head just isn't in "show" mode. I don't know if I'm just being lazy, but I'm more than happy to catch the coverage online, and let's be honest - lying in bed with my hot water bottle is the best seat in the house!! I plan on attending next season though when I will have more time to sort through invites and plan my schedule, but for this season I choose my bed!

Here's a few snaps that I took last season:

The Jamie Wei Huang SS15

I had such a good time at this show - brings back some fond memories!
Click here to view the full collection and to read my show report

The Busardi SS15 show

Click here to read my show report and view more images

Some quick street style pics that I took last season:

I hope you enjoyed these quick LFW tips and pictures. If you're going to LFW this season have fun!

Aimee xx


  1. Great tips Aimee! I love these pictures too! What an exciting upcoming week!

  2. Really useful tips! I would LOVE to go to LFW! Shame you're not feeling well enough to go, but at least you have the wonderful memories of the last LFW :) x

    Miss Imogen Smith

  3. I would absolutely love to go! Its a shame you can't go this time around x

  4. Great tips, I found your post very interesting :)

    Fashion and Cookies
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  5. Hey these pix are great, and so true about your tips. The shows held in September are not too bad b/c you can carry a pair of ballet flats in your bag, but the shows in February are much more challenging. Have a good time this season.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  6. I've seen plenty of fashion week posts but none with actual tips like yours! My dream is to go to fashion week someday once I dive into the world of fashion. I never knew about these things (like forgetting to eat or how tiring it gets) so these are awesome tips that I'll totally save now. <3 Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post!

      I hope you get to attend a fashion week soon - when you do, you'll love it! x

  7. You gave amazing tips here, dear and I think that it has to be so exciting to be there ;)

  8. These tips are great! I've never been to London Fashione week - it would be so exciting!

  9. Sounds like such a great time! Would love to go to a fashion show :)

  10. Yes I totally enjoyed it. Love the pics and your tips.

    xx /

  11. i love the pics! i would like to go to someday :)

    Alice's Pink Diary

  12. Ah great tips! I really want to go one day so hopefully I go and this comes in handy tehe! :)
    And oooh I hope you get well soon, thats so annoying :'(

  13. Great tips and pictures, thanks for sharing Aimee!:)
    Happy weekend!

  14. I really like this post ;)

    1. Fab, i'm so pleased that you enjoyed it :) It was just a quick post that I put together whilst lying in bed to 'recover' lol - I'm so pleased that so many people enjoyed it!

  15. I've never been to an event like this, I wish I could though!

    Corinne x

  16. so cool! love the pictures! i've been dying to be able to go to a fashion show!


  17. Great tips! I Love the street style.

    Jasmine xx

  18. To took some great photos last season and all of your tips will no doubt have helped many people for this fashion week! I've seen various people blogging about the food/refreshments handed out and the dried fruit you've mentioned sounds great :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  19. cool!! i hope one day i can attend fashion week!

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  20. All really great tips. And what great snaps from last season. Hope you enjoy this year!

    Rae | love from berlin

  21. Nice post!

  22. Great tips and beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    Bella Pummarola

  23. you are right, you do need to wear comfy shoes! My knee high boots ruined me! Lovely photos here hope you had a good time :)
    The Pixie Cut | Cosmopolitan ‘Best New Fashion Blog’ Winner 2014

  24. Replies
    1. Aw thanks :) Guess it was worth lugging my DSLR around with me then :) x

  25. great pics

    I am following you now!


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