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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Currently Loving | High-End Beauty Miniatures

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Have I ever told you that I have a thing for miniatures? Aside form the obvious fact that they take up very little room (which was most handy for my recent short trip away), I absolutely adore the dinky cuteness of tiny beauty products! Here are a few of my favourite high-end beauty miniatures that deserve to be raved about as they’re just fabulous:

I absolutely adore rose-scented beauty products so let's start with two of my favourites! 
First up – my all-time favourite face mask!

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

In case you don't already know, Sisley's Black Rose Cream Mask is the stuff of dreams. Gorgeously scented with rose, this soft creamy mask is the ultimate home facial. Not only does it moisturise, brighten and rejuvenate my complexion like no other face mask that I have ever tried - it also visibly plumps up your skin! Who needs botox ehy? I’m actually convinced that this face mask is going to keep me looking young and youthful forever!

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask | anti-wrinkle face mask | Beauty Blogger Review | high-end face masks

Now although this mask is the absolute bees knees it does come with a hefty price tag: The full 60ml sized product retails at £95.50…but obviously if you shop around you can find it for cheaper. So yes it’s a pricey product so won’t appeal to everyone, but boy oh boy does it deliver! Anyone who loves this mask (including many a beauty editor) will tell you that it’s worth the price tag - some even say that it literally erases the years off their face...and that’s just how great this product really is!

Each time I use this mask my skin looks all alive and radiant, as though I have just had a professional facial – so if you’re looking for justification for the price tag then it’s simple: This mask works out cheaper than salon facials!

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask Review | anti-ageing face mask | Beauty Blogger Review | high-end beauty products 
Given the fact that this isn’t just any old face mask - but more a “treatment,” I tend to pop it on when my complexion needs perking up, or whenever I'm in the mood for a spot of pampering. I have actually heard many a beauty journo tout this mask as being a hangover saviour/great way to mask the effects of a late night – so there you go, more reasons to invest in this beauty!

Next up let’s continue the “rose” theme with something from 
Trilogy – my favourite natural skincare brand:

Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream

Being a massive fan of natural products, one thing that I am majorly partial too is good quality natural skincare, and this is where Trilogy comes in. I’ve used countless natural/organic products over the years but have always remained loyal to Trilogy as their products are just soooo divine! ...Speaking of all things divine and lovely, who else out there adores Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream? If you haven’t already tried it yet then you reeeeally must!!

Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream | Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream Review | Beauty Blogger Review | natural skincare products 
…So why do I love this cream so much? Because it nourishes and revives my skin whilst I sleep, and when I wake up my complexion is all bright glowing!

This cream is also especially wonderful for combating dry skin so I always like to keep a jar handy for winter especially. Above all, in terms of delivering deep nourishment - this cream is a real winner!

Bottom line: You need this gorgeous enriching night cream in your the rose scent is just divine!

Cosmetics à la Carte Hydrasmooth

Being at the age where the fine lines have started to appear, a good anti-wrinkle cream is an absolute must. For my recent trip away I took a little sample tub of Cosmetics à la Carte’s Hydrasmooth away with me to test out:

Cosmetics à la Carte Hydrasmooth anti-wrinkle cream | anti-ageing | anti-wrinkle night cream | Beauty Blogger Review

This anti-wrinkle cream is lightweight, instantly hydrating and easily absorbed into the skin. I tend to mainly use the cream on my under-eye area so am really glad that the texture of this cream is so light - loading the under-eye area with heavy products is a big no-no in my books as it can lead to puffiness...which just goes to show the importance of making sure that your skincare isn’t doing you more harm than good.

Cosmetics à la Carte Hydrasmooth anti-wrinkle cream | anti-ageing | anti-wrinkle night cream | Beauty Blogger Review 
In terms of application, Hydrasmooth is suitable for use on fine lines under the eyes, facial expression lines, lip lines, as well as the neck and décolletage. Loaded with beneficial targeted anti-ageing ingredients [such as Acmella Oleracea extract - regarded as a natural alternative to Botox], this cream is one of those cracking anti-wrinkle products that literally minimises fine lines overnight. I’ve only been using the cream for a short while and have already seen an improvement in the fine lines under the eyes, and thus I anticipate that long-term use of this cream is just going to bring better and better results!

Cosmetics à la Carte Skin Tint Foundation in Ochre

Also from Cosmetics à la Carte we have their Skin Tint foundation. I’ve actually been wanting to try this foundation ever since I found out that it’s what Freida Pinto wore in Slumdog Millionaire. I mean truth be told, I spent about 1/3 of the whole movie wondering what foundation she was wearing as she just looked so flawless and natural. So naturally I was pretty stoked to receive my little sample bottle of Skin Tint:

Cosmetics à la Carte Skin Tint Foundation in Ochre | foundation for yellow/olive/golden skin tones | UK Beauty & Makeup Blog

Skin Tint is a “smart fluid foundation infused with plumping peptides to minimise the signs of ageing.” It provides medium coverage, is long-wearing and gives you a beautiful dewy finish. I opted for the shade Ochre as pictured above.
...I know what you’re thinking:
…a bit full-on yellow looking isn’t it?” 

...Well believe it or not, I'm not trying to give Bart Simpson a run for his money! I actually have this shade for the purpose of using it as “mixer” - i.e. for mixing into my current liquid foundations to make them more golden. Why would I need to do this? Because most off-the-shelf foundations don't adequately compliment my strong golden undertones and at times can make me look ashy...or worse still: When they oxidise they make me look muddy - not a good look! Anyhow, luckily all is usually remedied by mixing a strong golden/yellow-toned shade such as Ochre into my foundation. As you've probably gathered, I'm no stranger to custom-mixing my own foundation to match my own personal skin tone.

Cosmetics à la Carte Skin Tint Foundation in Ochre | foundation for yellow/olive/golden undertones | UK Beauty & Makeup Blogger

Cosmetics à la Carte are actually well known for their bespoke custom blended foundations, and the shade ‘Ochre’ is actually one of their pure Pigment Correctors designed to assist you in fine tuning the shade of your foundation. You can find out more about their foundation 'mixology' service here. I’ll actually be popping down to one of their London counters very soon to sample the service for myself which I’ll tell you all about in due course!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about a few of my current favourite beauty miniatures – they’re incredibly handy for popping into your travel makeup bag!

Aimee xx


  1. I hear that Sisley is such a wonderful skincare brand, I really want to try their products! xxxxx

    1. It really is! The Black Rose Cream Mask is a good place to start - it's so heavenly! x

  2. I love rose scented products too, so that mask is a must try for me :D

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. It's gorgeous - you'll love it! Rose-scented products are just so lovely! x

  3. I love mini size :) I have some Benefit products and they are amazing!x

    1. So handy aren't they! I have some Benefit minis coming up in a later post :) x

  4. I never heard of these product before. The Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask looks really good, I'd love to try!

    1. You should try it - it's the best! x

  5. Nice post!

  6. I never try this brand but heard so many positive reviews about it. I'm like you love miniature products convenient to carry if traveling. Excellent review.

  7. I love miniatures too! Thanks for sharing Miss!

  8. Thank you for the review. Creamy mask sounds amazing. I'm going to have to try it out.

    1. You'll have to try it, it's amazing! It leaves your face looking all glowing and perky :)

  9. I love rose scent too!
    Nice review!

  10. I like the sound of the Trilogy cream, I love their rosehip oil!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  11. These are some really helpful tips. I specifically had never heard of Cosmetics a la Carte. Ill definitely have to check it out. Especially since Freida Pinto uses it. She has the same skin tone as me, so it definitely make me wanna try it out more.

    Duty Free Dame | Bloglovin

  12. I love it when high end brands have mini sizes available. You get to try out the product to figure out if its worth the money !


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  14. I was just thinking on the weekend how much I love miniatures as well! I spent the last year backpacking and they were a godsend... I only buy mini mascaras now (3-4ml, I'm not sure!) - a benefit mini will last me around two months used every day and I run out before it starts to go clumpy and dry like I find with bigger mascaras (which then become destined for the bin...). Bigger isn't always better :)

  15. There is something undeniably cute about miniature packaging. Especially for beauty products. At the same time they're increasingly annoying because you always seem to run out in the worst possible time or they just don't have enough in them period. Though they are good for travel.


  16. Thanks for such a detailed post!

  17. This looks like some great products!

  18. I adore miniatures as well. They look so cute and are just so much easier to get through than full size products. These all sound lovely especially the Sisley Black Rose Cream mask.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  19. lovely reviews, thanks for sharing! I love buying miniatures!

  20. I adore miniatures, they're just so damn cute!! I'd love to try that trilogy night cream.

    Emily | One Stormy Sunday


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