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Monday, 17 August 2015

DermaGlo Skin Health Drink

DermaGlo Beauty Drink | TheBelleNarrative Beauty Blog | Beauty Blog 
I have recently been trialing out a 12-day course of DermaGlo, an anti-aging Beauty Drink. Prior to starting the course I was told that a daily shot of DermaGlo is all that’s needed for renewing skin, reducing fine lines and improving the skin’s appearance in just four weeks.

So how is all of this achieved? DermaGlo contains marine collagen, which targets the skin's dermis and areas affected by ageing and is 1.5 times more effective than other types of collagen, giving vibrancy to the skin's appearance. The drink also contains hyaluronic acid - which I'm sure many of you know is a powerful supplement for skin rejuvenation, hence it's ability to improve the elasticity and fluidity of the skin.

DermaGlo Skin Health Drink | Anti-aging Beauty Drink 
“Drink your Skin Beautiful. Minimise the appearance of expression lines with DermaGlo Skin Health Drink, an anti-aging beauty product which stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, improving its firmness & elasticity.”

Since I’m about to reach the end of my 12-day trial I thought I would share my findings with you - especially since I have experienced really great results from these beauty drinks:

My skin is smoother, my complexion is brighter and more even-toned, and on the whole my face just looks fresh and healthy! There also seems to be a slight diminishing of fine lines and my skin definitely looks and feels more hydrated - not bad results ey?! I have actually tried a similar beauty drink in the past which did wonders for my skin too, so prior to trying DermaGlo I had already anticipated some form of positive outcome - I just never knew that the results would be this great! Then again when you think about it, a generous dose of marine collagen coupled with hyaluronic acid (I love this wonder ingredient!) is a pretty awesome combination, so it makes sense that the skin would respond so positively.

All in all, these drinks are just full of goodness - in addition to marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, they also contain:

- Vitamins A, B, D, E and K to reduce tiredness, fatigue and strengthen hair and nails.
- Minerals Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium to support the immune system and protect and boost the appearance of the skin.

I’m really impressed with these wonderful short-term results and can’t help but wonder how fabulous the results would be if I consumed the drink over a longer period of time. DermaGlo actually say that for best results the drink should be consumed for a consecutive 4-week period and then continued for 8 weeks for longer lasting results.

DermaGlo | Anti-aging Beauty Drink 
I really like the idea of taking care of my skin from within, and given the fact that these drinks are brimming with beneficial ingredients for the skin (they are also low in calories) they are perfect for getting the job done!

I also loved how nicely packaged the drinks came:

The box helped keep things nice and tidy and meant that I didn't have to worry about losing the individual little drink bottles in the midst of my overflowing kitchen cupboards!

DermaGlo 12-day course | DermaGlo | Anti-aging Beauty Drink 
All in all, I’m really pleased at how effective these drinks are, and I really couldn’t think of a more effortless means of achieving great-looking skin! These beauty drinks would be particularly handy for when you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding.

DermaGlo is available to purchase at here.

Aimee xx

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