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Friday, 14 August 2015

Summer Travel Beauty Essentials

Today I'll be sharing some fab summer travel beauty essentials - they're ideal for those of you (lucky people!) who are still due to jet off on holiday, or are attending a festival! One of the first things that should go in your suitcase or travel bag is one of Emma Lomax’s ever-handy SOS Kits such as the Heart me Travel SOS Kit:

Emma Lomax Heart Me Travel SOS Kit | Travel Essentials

This kits contains 16 premium travel-sized holiday essentials:

Lip balm, tooth brush, toothpaste Lil-lets tampon, nail file

 Comb, plaster, La Fresh nail polish remover, anti-bacterial wipe and deodorant wipe sachets, 
pair of ear plugs, sewing kit, hair slides, hair tie, safety pin, pair of earring backs

Portable phone battery charger and a pair of bright funky tweezers!

I'm a great fan of the clear bag that the kit comes housed in - once you're finished with your kit, you are left with a beautiful embroidered washbag to use for future getaways. I really love how well-thought-out this kit is – it definitely covers you for those everyday emergencies. I particularly love the fact that the kit includes a portable phone battery charger – my phone’s always dying on me so this charger is going to be super useful. All in all this is a fantastically practical little kit!

Emma Lomax Heart Me Travel SOS Kit | Beauty Blog Review 
Such a pretty bag isn’t it? Find your perfect Emma Lomax SOS Kit here.

The best thing about the Heart me Travel SOS Kit is that there’s still a fair bit of room in the wash bag to add in some of your own essentials – I’d totally have to add in some of my Bagsy Beauty essentials (as I blogged about here) as they’re so pretty and portable that it would be rude not to! Speaking of Bagsy - I really love their Hair Wonder dry shampoo: It smells lush and does a brilliant job of refreshing the hair and volumising roots – I particularly recommend it to anyone off to a festival:

Of all the dry shampoos that I own – never have I seen a prettier can as this! I’ve had this dry shampoo for quite a while now but the pretty packaging never gets old!

Balance Me Summer Holiday Essentials

I absolutely adore the Balance Me brand! They have the most divine natural beauty products which I practically use on a daily basis – thus naturally I wouldn’t be jetting off anywhere without them! Two of my favourite Balance Me summer holiday must-haves are their Rose Otto Body Oil and BB Natural Perfection SPF 25.

Firstly, for all you sun worshippers – if you haven’t already then you need to pop Balance Me’s Rose Otto Body Oil into your suitcase. The scorching sun can be seriously dehydrating on your skin so post-beach I ensure to slather some of my Rose Otto Body Oil on. This luxurious, deeply hydrating 100% natural body oil utilises the soothing qualities of pure rose oils to restore elasticity, reduce redness and leave skin soft and supple. The oil sinks into the skin quickly and you can really feel it get to work quenching the skin. This is also a fantastic body oil for those of you with dry skin as it is ever so nourishing on the skin.

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Oil | 100% natural body oil | Balance Me

I’ve mentioned my love of rose-scented beauty products on the blog previously, so as you can imagine I adore the gorgeous rose scent of this oil. I literally walk around the house with a spring in my step as that’s just how great the scent of this oil makes me feel!

Balance Me BB Natural Perfection SPF 25 (£26/40ml) is an “anti-aging BB cream that nourishes, plumps, protects and balances uneven skin tone for a flawless finish.” This BB cream is perfect for those who prefer a lighter coverage during the summer as opposed to a heavy foundation. Although it provides a light coverage it’s enough coverage to leave you with a dewy, radiant complexion - which is just the perfect summer makeup look really.

Balance Me BB Natural Perfection SPF 25 | Balance Me Rose Otto Body Oil 
The cream is very light on the skin and feels very hydrating, which is no surprise really given the fact that it’s chocked full of beneficial skincare ingredients such as:

“Abyssinian and rosehip oils with collagen-boosting blackberry leaf extract to help firm and smooth the surface of the skin; the purest grade of hyaluronic acid to plump and maintain moisture; spruce knot, lotus flower and violet seed extracts to calm redness and create a beautifully even skin tone.”

I really like the fact that the BB cream has SPF 25 to protect you from the sun's harmful rays, so overall if you want to enhance the skin’s natural beauty while protecting against sun damage and premature aging then BB Natural Perfection SPF 25 is the product for you.

Cosmetics à la Carte Shape & Shade

For trips away, handy compact makeup palettes such as Cosmetics à la Carte's Shape & Shade are a must:

This luxurious contouring and highlighting palette is perfect for taking away with you as it eliminates the need to pack a separate highlighter and contour. If you like a more sculpted makeup look then this wonderful palette will help you obtain the chiseled cheekbones of your desires in an instant!

Both of the shades in the palette are matte shades so the overall look is going to be natural and very wearable for daywear. The two powders are pigmented and nice and smooth in texture leaving you with a non-cakey finish. To sculpt those cheekbones use the shade Fawn (left), whilst the shade Whisper (right) is for highlighting:

contouring and highlighting palette | matte contour and highlight kit | beauty blog 
As you can see, you also get a nice soft brush inside the palette - this one palette alone takes care of all of your contouring and highlighting needs - pack it in your travel makeup bag now!

I hoped you enjoyed hearing about these summer travel essentials.
Aimee xx


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  2. Great post! I always forget my tweezers so holidays are a close up pic free zone to hide my monobrow! Great post x
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    1. Thank you :) x

      Lol :) For some reason my tweezers and manicure kit are normally the first to go in my suitcase...probably because I hate packing so it's always easiest to start with the small things lol

  3. amazing post :)

  4. great picks! Must not forget ear plugs (going to Cyrpus and it's gonna be loud at night!) haha

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    1. Wow - have fun! Cyprus is a great holiday destination :)

  5. Very cute beauty case and nice travel essentials Miss! Thanks for sharing!;)

  6. Great little bag to travel with the contour palette is something I will love.

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  8. A power bank is something that I found really useful while I was away! Now I can't go anywhere without it!

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  9. I'm in love with your cosmetic bag ! It's so cute.

  10. Lovely post, I always love to read about what other people take with them when travelling. Those black and yellow sunnies are so cute....and I just love that last palette! It seems so perfect.

    1. Thank you - they've been my favourite sunnies this summer :)
      The palette is great - it's super compact & the shades are lovely x

  11. Clear cosmetic bags are so handy, especially when going through security if you're just taking hand luggage! They can be so picky about the size etc of them though but this would be so much prettier than a sandwich bag!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. Agreed! It's definitely prettier :) x

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  13. Love that travel bag <3 great picks!
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  14. This bag is so pretty ! xx

  15. Hello Aimee,

    love this post. I am taking wet wipes everywhere with me. I think it's so much more useful than the hand sanitizer gel is :)

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  17. Great summer essentails! The makeup bag is so cute!:)

  18. The shades in that contour kit are gorgeous! The travel kit is such a good idea and the fact that the charger is included is amazing!

  19. Love the bag, and all the goodies inside it!

    God bless,
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