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Monday, 7 November 2016

KMS California Hair Styling Faves

KMS California is a top professional hair care brand. You already know how much I love their KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry (see post here), and here are three of their other products that are firm favorites in my household:

KMS California Hairplay Makeover Spray

KMS California Hairplay Makeover Spray | Dry Shampoo | Beauty Blog Review

It’s always handy to keep a good quality dry shampoo lying around, thus why KMS California Hairplay Makeover Spray is one of those products that I seem to buy over and over again. ...Seriously it really is that good!

The brand describes it as having “dry cleansing and instant style renewal” properties and my sister in particular, who is a HUGE fan of this spray can vouch for this: Her hair is prone to getting oily and flat, but luckily this spray tackles both of these issues as it instantly absorbs oil from the roots and also gives her hair volume. She has quite fine hair and finds that this spray really bulks it up – which probably explains why she goes through cans of it! (She really does - I have actually just ordered her another can!)

So it goes without saying that this spray is a must-have for festivals or basically any time you want to freshen your hair up between shampoos. Overall though - it’s also just a fab product to keep handy to spritz into the hair whenever it needs perking up (especially if you’re going out straight after work).

KMS California Hairplay Sea Salt Spray

KMS California Hairplay Sea Salt Spray | Beauty Blog Review

We all know that sea salt sprays are great for achieving those coveted tousled beachy waves – and that’s exactly the result that this spray gives you. Best of all though, it is non-sticky and has a light hold - thus your hair doesn’t end up looking overly “set”.

If you have hair like mine, which has a natural curl/wave to it, then scrunching it into damp hair and letting it air-dry will enhance your natural curls/waves. If your hair is naturally straight, this spray should still work to give you that sort of boho messy look too, especially since it has a matte finish and gives the hair grit and texture. My sister, who has fine, straight hair which is on the naturally shiny/silky side (total opposite hair type to me!) actually really loves this spray purely for the grit and texture it gives her hair. She finds that it also gives the hair "grip", and says that when she's wearing her hair in a loose/messy ponytail, thanks to this spray her hairband slips down less.

All in all this sea salt spray provides an easy means of achieving effortless surfer girl hair. …Plus I keep forgetting to try this, but apparently blow-drying with the spray gives the hair fullness - definitely need to try this!

KMS California Curl Up Bounce Back Spray

KMS California Curl Up Bounce Back Spray | Beauty Blog Review

Product description:
Curl-activating spray for firm hold
Exceptional curl retention
Provides heat protection

My thoughts:
KMS California Curl Up Bounce Back Spray is a “scrunching spray” that gives curls hold and added bounce. I think that this is one of those products that would definitely get the hairdresser’s seal of approval. I say this because many a hairdresser have told me to use less heat on my hair, as it is even the more so damaging to my hair type, which is naturally on the dry, coarse side. So for me this spray is ideal for the days where I want to bring out the natural wave/curl in my hair without the use of heated appliances. It’s so easy too - basically I just scrunch a little bit (no need to use too much) of this product into my towel-dried hair, let my hair air-dry - and et voila, I have a head full of naturally bouncy curls!

Products like this work well on me because my hair already has a natural wave/curl to it, but I have heard that this spray even imparts curls on those with straight tresses. This spray also helps to tame frizz, hold curls for longer, and can also be used on dry hair to reactivate curls – yes this single product has so many uses!! If you want another reason to love this spray then note that it also provides heat protection!

...I hope you enjoyed hearing about these three products. I find them to be handy staples to keep in my hair product collection :)

Have you tried any of these products before? Highly recommended for a quick hair fix!

Aimee xx


  1. The makeover spray sounds amazing! I could be doing with some of that in my life!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. It's the best! Think you would really love it :)

  2. Interesting product

  3. You make me want to purchase the dry shampoo because it sounds amazing and I'm in need of some!!

    1. It's seriously good - really plumps up the hair! x

  4. both of these products seem great, I'm curious about that sea salt sprey, but I really want to try the second one, the bounce back because it seems to be really good for the hair.

    1. Such fab products - think you would like them!

  5. I really need to buy somehting like this, my hair is so straight it bores me sometimes! Sounds like a great brand and products :)

    1. These products definitely are a great way to mix things up/change up your style :) x

  6. I just finished up my dry shampoo and this product looks really interesting. Might see if I could get it for myself.

    Joyce | Joycentricity

    1. It's really effective, deffo worth trying! x

  7. Awesome reviews. I haven't really found the perfect dry shampoo yet!

    1. I think you might like this one! x


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