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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Shadow Switch Review

Playing about with makeup can be such fun, but lets face it looking good can be hard work at times. So that is why I love any kind of beauty quick fix, and today I’m actually going to tell you about one such tool! The tool in hand is called Shadow Switch - an excellent new discovery of mine!

Shadow Switch Review | Beauty Blog | beauty blogger

It is a dry brush-cleaning tool that quickly removes eyeshadow pigment/powder from your brushes, allowing you to switch to a different colour without having to switching brushes…hence the name “Shadow Switch.” This product is a savior for us busy ladies who don’t always have time to clean our makeup brushes after every single use!

Shadow Switch comes presented in cute pink packaging and a round metal tin - which is certainly compact enough to take on-the-go with you. On opening the tin there is a black sponge inside – and actually the first time I saw the sponge I was like “aha, so you’re the nifty instantaneous brush cleaner!” Prior to receiving the product I had imagined it being the “eyeshadow version” of those fab nail polish removers – yep the ones where you simply dip your nail into the container/sponge soaked in remover solution, and then a second or two later the nail comes out magically cleansed!

Shadow Switch | dry makeup brush cleaner 
So likewise I prodded the sponge of my Shadow Switch with my finger, expecting it to feel moist/wet, because I mean, surely the way that the sponge removes eyeshadow from your brushes is due to the fact that it is soaked in some sort of makeup brush cleaning solution? ...So was it? Nope! In fact I was very surprised to find that the sponge was actually dry - bone dry! Then it quickly dawned on me that: "Duh that must be why they call it a DRY brush-cleaning tool!”

…So how does this tool work then? More on that below...

Putting Shadow Switch to the test!
As mentioned above, on discovering that the sponge pad inside the tin is completely dry, I am very very sceptical that this tool is going to deliver results. Even though at the same time, inside my head I’m also thinking – “…but what about all the great reviews this product has?!” So obviously there was only one way to find out, and that was to try it out for myself of course!

Here is my eyeshadow brush after I have used it to apply my eyeshadow:

Shadow Switch Before | Shadow Switch Before and After 
Note: …So um.... confessions of a busy girl: The brush above has the previous few days colour build-up on it. Although I have so many other brushes I always pick this one same brush up on autopilot as it’s my ultimate fave as it deposits colour really quickly and effectively - just what you need when you only have two seconds to do your makeup!!

The instructions state that you basically just swirl your brush on the sponge in a circular motion until all traces of colour have been removed - so that’s what I did:

Shadow Switch demo | Shadow Switch dry brush cleaner | beauty blog 
After having a bit of a swirl in the sponge, I soon managed 
to remove practically all of the colour from my brush:

As you can see from the above, my brush is now all ready for my second eyeshadow colour. There were still some very slight traces of pigment on my brush, but the final result was more than good enough for me. Plus if you are really that fussed, then you can quickly whip out a makeup brush spray for a quick bit of spot cleaning. Overall I have to say well done Shadow Switch for managing to remove all that build-up from my brush, particularly since I had used an eyeshadow from the MAC Veluxe Pearl range - which as you may know, are highly pigmented and creamy. I'm just super impressed really!!

Here's a little side-by-side before and after for you:

Shadow Switch | before and after 
Pretty fab results huh?! Especially considering just how pigmented and long-wearing MAC eyeshadows are!! At first I thought that the colour wasn’t going to come of the bristles, but after a bit of swirling, sure enough the product was removed! Obviously if you use a less built-up brush than I did, then you’ll experience even swifter results. I was definitely thoroughly impressed that my Shadow Switch managed to tackle all that lush, creamy pigmented build-up! Had I not tried it for myself, I never would have believed that a dry sponge could achieve such a thing!

...How it all works:
So what’s the magic behind this tool? Well basically the sponge is dry and quite coarse, hence the action of rubbing/swirling your brush on it helps the powder to rub off/be extracted from your brush’s bristles. It's as simple as that really!

Shadow Switch | Shadow Switch Review | Beauty Blog | beauty blogger 
My overall first impressions:
After trying out Shadow Switch myself, I would definitely say that it preforms really well. You have to love the fact that you can remove eyeshadow from your brush without the fuss or mess of having to use water and some sort of cleaning solution. Plus I couldn't believe how quick the process was - it took just seconds/less than a minute to remove nearly all traces of very heavily pigmented eyeshadow from my brush - amazing!

Note: It probably wasn’t the best idea to put my Shadow Switch to the test just before I was actually due to give all my brushes a deep clean...but I had just received my Shadow Switch and was dying to test it out right away! Funnily enough though, had I discovered Shadow Switch earlier then my brush probably never would have had all that build-up on it! …So actually as I write this review, it becomes more and more apparent to me that Shadow Switch is a busy girl’s best friend!


Shadow Switch demo | Shadow Switch dry brush cleaner

So naturally whilst you're rubbing your brush on the sponge, it will get stained with eyeshadow powder. Don’t worry though as the sponge can be washed and cleaned, then once it has dried it can be used again. Note, the brand recommend replacing the sponge every two months for hygiene reasons, plus regular use will wear down the sponge anyway.

Final thoughts:
My daily eyeshadow look (even if it is a quick two-second job!) normally involves me using two different colours – and since I’m always in a rush I just tend to use the same brush to apply both colours (hence the reason for the major product build-up on my brush as detailed above!). This isn't always ideal as it means that my second shade doesn't show up as well as it could. Luckily thanks to Shadow Switch I am now able to quickly and easily switch eyeshadow colours with the same brush! Plus the really good bit: There is no mess involved at all!

As you can see, this nifty tool is particularly beneficial for busy time-pushed women such as myself. This neat tool has really proved to be a time-saver in daily life, and I am so glad to have discovered it.

Plus it is going to be super super handy for trips away! When I go away I always take minimal brushes with me as it – thus my Shadow Switch is going to be invaluable, as it will allow me to create multi-tonal eyeshadow looks without the need for multiple brushes! I will still be packaging a brush cleaner for spot cleaning and to remove any final traces of stubborn pigment.

I think Shadow Switch is something that all makeup lovers and makeup artists alike should own! Plus it is a snip at only £5.99!

Shadow Switch Review | Beauty Blog | UK beauty blogger 
The brand behind this clever beauty solution is Beauty Essentials, and I have been told that they are “an upcoming beauty brand who have created an extensive range of essential beauty tools all in one simple collection! Their collection of tools were put together by a dedicated team of the most knowledgeable and professional beauty product consultants within the industry to ensure that every tool in the range was made to the highest standard and quality.”

The brand are in the process of launching their website, and their products are also going to be available to purchase in Sephora; however you don’t need to wait until then to get your hands on your very own Shadow Switch, as you can purchase via here. The brand have recently changed their packaging, so post-launch the packaging of Shadow Switch will look like this:

Shadow Switch | new packaging
I love how bright and vibrant this packaging is! 

I’m looking forward to seeing what else Beauty Essentials come up with post-launch, but until then you can keep up with the latest via their twitter: @BeautyEssUK.

What do you think of this nifty dry brush cleaning tool?!

Aimee xx

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