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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Silk’n Glide 50,000 Review

Some of you will already know that I’m a massive fan of at-home IPL hair removal, namely the Philips Lumea (see my post here). My Lumea is invaluable to me as it allows me to enjoy smooth hair-free legs for the long-term – you gotta love that!! Today I’m going to be telling you about a similar device – the Silk’n Glide 50,000:

Silk’n Glide 50,000 | HPL Hair Removal Device
Silk’n Glide 50,000 | RRP £135.99 (currently on sale for £111.75 at - link here)

(Now this post is a long time coming, and it is all because my Philips Lumea is so amazingly effective that it took FOREVER for enough hair to grow back on my legs to allow me to put my Silk’n Glide to the test!)

Before I detail my experience with the Silk’n Glide 50,000, here is a bit of background info on the device:

What they say:
Are you looking for a hair removal device that is designed to be used everywhere on your body? Silk’n Glide 50,000 is an advanced hair removal device that will easily remove unwanted hair all over your body. Unwanted hair won’t stand a chance thanks to the device’s HPL™ technology. This model contains 50,000 light pulses: enough for several years of hair removal sessions.

Further product info from the brand:

What is Silk’n Glide?
Silk’n Glide is a light based hair removal device. It’s able to remove unwanted hair permanently on the body and face with its HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology. This technology is the home version of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) used in beauty salons. Silk'n Glide is available in different versions.

How does it work?
Light energy is selectively absorbed in the hair shaft and transformed into heat. This disables hair growing cells in the hair follicle. The surrounding tissue remains at normal temperature. The procedure is safe for your skin. After each treatment, hair growth is reduced.

Two hair removal methods: Pulsing & Gliding
Silk’n Glide 50,000 enables two treatment methods: Pulsing and Gliding.
  • The Pulsing method is used to treat every spot individually, one pulse at a time. This is your best option when working with higher energy settings.
  • The Gliding method is new, unique and ultra-fast. You can remove hair by simply gliding the device over your skin. This is your best option when working with lower energy settings and when you’re in a hurry!

How often should I use it?

Typical hair removal plan during a full hair growth cycle:
  • Treatments 1-4 – plan two weeks apart Treatments 5-7 – plan four weeks apart 
  • Treatments 8+ – treat as needed, until desired results are achieved. 
  • Maintenance: from time to time some upkeep may be needed if growth is still visible.

Packaging and contents:
As soon as I received my device and opened the box, I could see that the device was robustly made and was of very good quality:

Silk’n Glide 50,000 review

Inside the box you get your Silk’n Glide 50,000 device, a mains adapter and instruction manual

Being a sucker for detailed packaging - I love the fact that the packaging is so informative, yet in a simplistic way so you’re not overloaded with information:

Silk’n Glide 50,000 packaging
The image above shows how you use/apply the device - as you can see, it's very simple!

Silk’n Glide 50,000 packaging

Below: You’ve basically already learnt so much about the device before you have even taken it out of the box and read the instruction manual!

Silk’n Glide 50,000 packaging 
Quick points about using the device:
- Just like with the Philips Lumea, you have to shave the desired treatment area first.

- The device contains a cooling fan and thus sounds like a hairdryer so isn’t the quietest of devices, but it’s all part of how these devices operate. (My Philips Lumea actually sounds the same so this was nothing new to me.) It also makes a small pop sound simultaneously with the flash of light. This pop noise is normal, and is just the sound that the device makes when a pulse of HPL light is activated.

- The treatment isn’t painful – you’ll just experience a short temporary warming sensation on the treated area.

Silk’n Glide 50,000 | HPL Hair Removal Device
The 3 cm² treatment window allows you to reach delicate parts of the body

My Experience of the Silk’n Glide 50,000
I followed the treatment plan as recommended by the company (as detailed above) – here is a summary of my results:

- After the first couple of uses (which was around a month of me owning the device), the hair took longer to grow back than it normally would, and it was considerably finer/thinner.

- Within 3-4 months of using the device there were quite a few patches of skin which were completely hair-free.

- Then around the 10-month mark I had achieved a 60% reduction in overall hair growth. Admittedly this was also the point where I stopped using the device as I lost interest due to the slow progress. I did resume again a few months later, but my first 10 months of using the device told me what I needed to know: Yes this device does give results, but compared to my Philips Lumea, the results are slower.

…However this device does have some advantage over my Lumea:

Silk’n Glide 50,000 vs the Philips Lumea

Even though I love my Philips Lumea to bits, my Silk’n Glide seems to have several advantages as listed below:

- Unlike the Lumea, which is not suitable for very dark skin, the Silk’n Glide works with lower energy levels. This means that the device can actually be used on a wider spectrum of skin colours, including darker complexions. For more info you can find a skin colour chart on the brand’s website here – if unsure, you may want to contact the brand (contact form also on their website) to make sure that the device is suitable for you. I always recommend doing your own research before buying these type of devices.

- It is sooo much cheaper than my Lumea - the RRP of the Silk’n Glide 50,000 is £135.99…that is less than half the price of my Lumea which was around £330. (Note – with my Lumea you get double the amount of light pulses though, so it just comes down to budgets/how much you want to spend).

Silk’n Glide and Philips Lumea comparison
Silk’n Glide and Philips Lumea size comparison

- My Silk’n Glide is much smaller and lighter than my Lumea (see above), thus is a doddle to use. …I have to admit that my Lumea is so bulky that sometimes I get arm ache whilst using it!

- The Silk’n Glide 50,000 is suitable for use on the entire body & face, whereas the particular model of the Philips Lumea that I own cannot be used on the face.

- Unlike my Lumea, the Silk’n Glide isn’t cordless so needs to be connected to the mains, thus it isn’t the most convenient option.

- I‘m not sure if I agree with the brand marketing this device as giving “permanent” results because I think it is very misleading to those who might be unfamiliar with this technology. Yes you can experience great long-term results, but due to the fact that you need maintenance sessions I don't think that it's right to use the word “permanent.” My advice to any home IPL newbies: Best to view these types of devices as long-term home hair removal aids - end off!!

- The Silk’n Glide actually works with much lower energy levels than similar devices. (The brand says that this for safety/reducing the device’s potential to harm). For me personally though, I feel that the device is probably not powerful enough. After owning it for the long-term, I can safely say that (in my personal experience at least) hair does seem to grow back quite quickly once you stop using it. Whereas with my Lumea, I can go for extended periods of time (months and months!) without giving myself a top-up session for maintenance, and no hair will still grow back for ages! So it is clear for me to see that this device is not as powerful as my Philips Lumea.

As stated in my post on the Philips Lumea - after around 6 months my legs were more or less hair-free, yet with my Silk’n Glide it took me much longer (around the 10 month mark) before I even started seeing major results (after which point I lost interest and gave up!). So for me, going forwards I’ll stick with my Philips Lumea.

Silk’n Glide 50,000 | blog review 
Thus all in all, although I did see results from this device, they were much slower than with my Philips Lumea – thus long run I’ll be sticking with my Lumea. Perhaps it is just better suited to my particular skin/hair type? Yet given the fact that the Silk’n Glide is a lot cheaper than the Lumea (but as mentioned earlier – this is only because you get half the number of light pulses), it may still be a viable alternative for those with a smaller budget, or just generally anyone not wanting to spend that much on a home IPL device – especially if you’re an IPL newbie.

The one prominent feature of the device that I am really impressed by is that it has a built-in safety sensor, which prevents the device from emitting a light pulse if it detects that the skin is too dark for treatment. I also like the fact that the Silk’n Glide (as the name suggests!), gives you the option to easily ‘glide’ the device over the skin. The motion is the similar to gliding a razor on the skin, and allows for rapid treatment. Whereas with the particular model of the Lumea that I have, only lets you treat one area of skin at a time, and since you have to ‘zap’each individual area, it can be a pretty tedious process. So overall, in this respect, my Silk’n is quicker and easier to use.

As you can see, there are things that I both liked and disliked about this device. All in all, it isn't a bad entry-level device for those new to home IPL.

Find out more about the device on the brand's website here.

Aimee xx

What do you think of this device?
...Perhaps a viable enough option for home IPL newbies seeking an affordable option?


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