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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

Christmas Stocking Fillers, Secret Santa Gift Ideas 

So today I bring you some last minute Christmas stocking filler ideas. I meant to get this post up much earlier but have been so busy lately, mainly planning for Christmas as we have so many friends and family dropping by this year. ...So in the spirit of all things busy and festive, I bring you some last minute Christmas stocking filler ideas - enjoy!

Bagsy Beauty

Cruelty free British cosmetics brand Bagsy Beauty have the best products for gifting. I say this because their whole range literally features the most dreamiest packaging. Some of the items also have little loops on the packaging so could even be hung on your Christmas tree! You can read about all the products pictured below in my post here - they're all fab!

Bagsy Beauty | Cruelty free British cosmetics brand 
My most favourite product from Bagsy has to be Lip Cocoon in Raspberry (as shown above). This pretty lip balm not only looks good but is also yummily raspberry scented and flavoured! It's such a great item to gift, plus who doesn't need lip balm - especially at this time of the year!

Bagsy Beauty Wow Lips 
I also love Bagsy's ‘Wow Lips’ lip chubbies (as above) - they have a lush creamy texture which is enhanced with moisturising properties to keep your lips nourished (again, especially with this cold weather), and are super pigmented. Quite simply I love them, so have them in various shades! I also think that the slogan on the inner tube of the packaging is a really nice little extra touch.

Following on from the theme of amazing products and fab packaging we have - an online jewellery retailer who sell sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery items at costume jewellery prices – how can you not love that! There is even an “under £5” section (see here) – great for those of you feeling the pinch at this time of year, but also a great place to source some really beautiful little secret santa gifts.

I really like the way that the brand package their items in loveable brown paper and string: packaging 
I actually have a couple of really lovely pieces from this company: | sterling silver earrings & necklace
Above: I adore the colourful wooden pegs - such a cute touch! | sterling silver earrings & necklace 
Pictured above is a sterling silver infinity loop pendant necklace which you can purchase here for only £5.75! The delicate little sterling silver diplodocus dinosaur stud earrings are £6.05 and can be purchased here. Fab pieces aren't they?! The company offer UK next working day delivery and same day dispatch – so it’s not too late to get your hands on these! Browse their website here.

Glitter nail varnish

I personally love pulling out the glitter and sparkle at this time of the year, so just had to include some glitter nail varnish in this post! There are tons of sparkly nail polishes on the market to choose from so you’re spoilt for choice. One of my most favourite glitter top coats though is Make A Spectacle by China Glaze:

China Glaze | Make A Spectacle | glitter top coat

Now this particular polish is from a past collection by China Glaze – I still have some "supply" of it lol as I am a glitter fiend so stocked up knowing that I would use it loads and loads! ( I knew that they would be good for gifting because they're so pretty! Yup "prettiness" is often a key factor for me when choosing gifts lol).

If you’ve not tried the China Glaze brand out than I highly recommend that you do. It is a leading professional nail brand with great quality products - hence why you see the brand being used so widely by professionals and beauty junkies alike. Best of all though, all of the brand’s products are free from the commonly found nail polish toxic nasties that are DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde.

China Glaze Make A Spectacle | glitter nail varnish 
I love this nail polish for a bit of glittery frosty/winter bling – it looks super cute worn alone, and worn over polish it just seems to look amazing over any colour! It has a clear base full of glitter and is just the perfect gift for anyone who loves a bit of glitter and sparkle!!

Have you ever tried a clear glitter polish that when you applied it was just like “meh – there’s hardly even any glitter in this!!” …Well good news – ‘Make A Spectacle’ is not like this at all, and as you can see from the picture below, this polish is SO NOT stingy on the glitter:

China Glaze Make A Spectacle | glitter nail varnish 
...So pretty and glittery! As you can from the above, Make A Spectacle is a clear base filled with both big and small iridescent glitter particles. These irregularly sized glitter particle produce a blingy speckled finish. I've had no time at all to do my nails lately, so sorry for not adding a pic of the polish on the nails. You can see how fab this polish is via a simple Google image search - their are some great looking talons out there!


If you want to gift something fun and quirky, yet functional, then Anatomicals is a great brand to consider. I own several of their products and actually gifted some last Christmas too. I'm particularly fond of the brand's "Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches" (you can but them from ASOS for £6 here). The product name might sound gimmicky but these really work and perk up my under-eye area a treat!

Also pictured below is High Noon For The Prune Dry Skin Relief Balm - currently on sale at for £4.35 here, and Oi! You Throbhead Headache Relief Balm which you can get at Superdrug for only £2.49 here ... by the way, this headache balm really works!!
Anatomicals bath and body company 
Hailed as "Britain's funkiest bath and body company" they have a tongue-in-cheek approach to skincare which is visible via their quirky innovative products, and equally quirky product name and descriptions:

Anatomicals Oi! You Throbhead Headache Relief Balm 
The Linziclip

Next up we have the Linziclip – a claw clip with a difference! These revolutionary hair clips are hugely popular world wide so you may already be familiar with them. The women in my house have used these clips for years and my mum and sister actually have them conveniently placed for quick grabbing on their windowsills and in their car door compartments! They are so handy, and make for great little stocking fillers - especially because there are lots of different colours and designs to choose from:

Linziclip AW16 collection 
These clips are so versatile - you can create lots of different hairstyles with just one clip - updos, ponytails, half-up/half-down 'dos etc, you name it! ...Plus Linziclips are comfortable to wear - they don’t dig into the back of your head, so trust me they really are more comfortable than a standard claw clip!

I actually really love the company’s interesting back story of how they came up with the product – you can check it out on their website here.

Linziclip Mini | Linziclip

Above: These little black clips are great for pinning little braids or small sections of hair

The brand actually brings out seasonal limited collections – and featured in this post are a selection of clips from their AW16 collection. Don’t worry if you think that these designs/colours are too glitzy for you as you get plain clips too. For work/everyday wear my sister and me actually have these “classic” brown tortoise shell colour clips.

The Linziclip | Linziclip 
Thanks to the flat back, the teeth of the Linziclip don’t dig into the scalp…and that’s what sets this clip apart from the traditional claw clip! All in all, these clips are secure, sturdy, comfortable and keep your hairdo in place all day – definitely a good beauty/hair staple to have on hand me thinks!

The Linziclip hair clip 
The clips are suitable for all hair types, and there are 3 sizes to choose from: Maxi (for fine/thin hair), midi (for medium to thick hair),  and mini (suitable for most hair types).

Linziclip Mini | Linziclip 
These gorgeous clips below are nice and glossy and have a sort of pearlised finish. The diamante design is especially ideal for special occasions:

Linziclip Midi | Linziclip 
In the past I have purchased my Linziclips from Claire’s Accessories but you can find them online at Amazon UK here - prices range from £4.50.


I love going to Next for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers as they always have such lovely things. If you can’t get to a store then you can browse their stocking fillers online here. Here's a couple of bits I still have left over from gifting last year:

Next mini perfume 
Above: I picked up a few of these fab handbag sized 10ml Next brand fragrances. Handy and dinky for daily use or to take away on trips – I know that the recipients will really appreciate these! …plus they were only £4 each!

Next earrings in gift box 
Above: These earrings come presented in a nice gift box, and they have a loop so you could even hang them on your Christmas tree as a nice surprise for someone! Inside the box are some really pretty earrings:

Next earrings in gift box 
...and that concludes my little gift guide! I hope the above served as some good inspo for stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts…or even introduced you to some fab new brands to bookmark for future reference. Christmas can be an expensive time of year so I made sure to include lots of affordable gift options of £5 or less.

I hope the selection above proved to be a mix of the pretty, interesting, quirky, and functional - thus I hope all you last minute shoppers (I still have a few bits left to buy - so this includes me too!) are spoilt for choice!

...What are your faves from the above?

Aimee xx


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