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Thursday, 27 April 2017

PMD Personal Microderm Review

Being a busy person, readers of this blog will know that I’m a big fan of ‘at-home’ beauty tools - because at the end of the day, what’s not to love about attaining salon-results in the convenience of your own home?! So my latest hero beauty gadget is the PMD Personal Microderm (or 'PMD' for short).

So what exactly is the PMD?
To quote the brand, it “is a revolutionary at-home skincare tool that provides the same brilliant results as professional, in-office microdermabrasion treatments. By combining the power of exfoliation with a unique vacuum suction, the Personal Microderm works to remove the dead, dull skin cell barrier, increase blood flow, and stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin.”

…Seriously this gadget offers a whole range of amazing skincare benefits, as you’ll find out below! I actually started using it in January – so basically this wondrous home microdermabrasion device originally landed on my doorstep at the perfect time! …I mean it was winter, freezing cold and consequently my skin was all dry and tight. Unfortunately my skin doesn’t fare well at all during the winter!

Below: The device comes neatly packaged, and since it is designed to work in all countries it comes with a variety of international plugs - yes, for us UK peeps there is indeed a three-pin plug:

You can watch a very quick 2-min video of the device in action on the brand's website here, and there's a quick pictorial overview of how you use the device below:

You need this device in your life because:
The the treatment only takes a few short minutes, and the benefits are that you’ll be left with brighter, smoother skin, a more even skin tone and you’ll achieve a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and enlarged pores. …I know amazing right?! Basically if you want a gorgeous, healthy-looking complexion then this is the device for the job!

Note: The PMD is used once weekly. Since this is a 'microdermabrasion' device, naturally the level of exfoliation that you get from the PMD is more intense than “daily-use” devices such as the Clarisonic or Magnitone. So for this reason you have to leave a gap of 6-7 days between treatment to allow the skin to rejuvenate.

Getting acquainted with the PMD:
Now firstly before I could use the device, I got myself familiar with the instruction manual and the important do’s and don’ts. That reminds me, I really admire how much the instructions stress the importance of safety and using the device correctly. In general I have to really commend the brand for the abundant guidance material supplied in the box. Lack of user guidance is a big pet peeve of mine so I was really pleased with the ample product information that came with the PMD (there's a instructional manual and DVD, plus you also get a separate one-page quick start guide which was mega handy).

Given all the emphasis on safety, and due to the odd past review I had read where the person had experienced discomfort, I initially thus expected this device to hurt or have terrible side effects. Let me just quickly say that, in my 3 months so far of using this device, I have not experienced any adverse reactions or undesirable side effects - and plus I'm a sensitive skin type too. From what I can gather (as confirmed by the friendly PR rep), you’ll only experience undesirable side effects if you do not use the device as instructed.

...All about the PMD's magical discs:
At the very heart of how the PMD operates is the spinning disc, which is covered with aluminum oxide crystals to deeply exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells and trigger fresh, healthy cell growth. While the disc is spinning, the device’s suction is playing the important role of lifting the pesky dead skin cells away and removing oil and dirt from the pores. As a result, you are left with smooth, bright clear skin – simples! Your beauty products will absorb into the skin so much more effectively now too.
The training session:
Before applying the device to your face you have to practice on your arm or leg first using the white "training" disc (for ‘ultra sensitive’ skin). Then once you are comfortable with the feel of the device you can use it on your face. After practicing on my face with the white disc for a while (which was completely painless by the way), I had passed the ‘training’ stage and was now ready for my official “first" treatment with the grey disc (designed for ‘very sensitive’ skin). …Here’s how I got on:

My experiences with the PMD

(My weekly diary below contains my observations from my very first few weeks of using this device, back when I received it some months ago when it was still winter - hence why there is particular mention of my poor winter-bashed skin lol. It is a slightly detailed account since I wanted this post to be as helpful as possible to those interested in trying out this device for themselves, especially those arriving here via a Google search. For quicker reference though, there is a single bullet-point list of the device's benefits towards the end of this post.)

Week 1
  • So with my grey disc firmly affixed I excitedly proceeded with my first treatment! I immediately noticed that this disc was more powerful (i.e. more abrasive) than the white ‘training’ disc, as this time I can actually “feel” the treatment (don’t worry it’s not too painful) and accordingly a lot more dead skin has come to the surface this time.

  • From the very little that I already knew about microdermabrasion, I was aware that post-treatment it is completely normal for the skin to experience redness and feel sore. This is why I didn’t get worried when my skin was red and did indeed feel slightly sore/tender for a while afterwards. (Tip: For this reason I like to use my device at night before bed)

  • So post treatment, my face did feel a bit tender, but it is so smooth!! This is both by feeling it and seeing the visible difference on my face afterwards. My skin felt so much better after it had been washed and I applied my favourite facial oil. My skin also felt more plump and moist than it normal does when I use this oil, thus it was plain to see just how effectively the treatment with the PMD made the oil sink into my skin.

  • The next day, I noticed how supple and moist my skin felt - it hasn't felt this lovely in ages! The colder weather of recent months really did a number on my skin by making it feel all dry and tight, so it is so nice to have some relief from this.

  • …So Week 1’s results were really impressing and I was genuinely excited to see what the results would be like after my second treatment! (so much so that I wished I didn’t have to wait a week for my next session!)

  • In between Week 1-2 my skin has stayed supple and I can really tell that a whole layer off dead skin has been taken off my face. Since my face is so sensitive to the cold weather, I still have to exfoliate [I use a gentle DIY sugar scrub] regularly throughout the week, as else my face just feels all dry and irritated.

Week 2
  • Post-treatment my skin is super smooth and I can’t stop looking at my skin because certain parts of my face look so smooth and clear that it doesn’t even look like real skin…it’s almost like I’m looking at an airbrushed photo in a magazine!!

    • My skin is clear, and my complexion looks brighter and more even-toned. A lot of my pores have diminished significantly too…I think some have even disappeared (I even got my magnifying mirror out to check, and yup they were still none the more so visible) – this is VERY VERY good stuff!

    • Note: Up to now I’ve been quite lucky and have never had a major problem with enlarged pores, it’s only now as I am getting older (I’m in my thirties) that they have started to become more visible…and yes, pores getting bigger/visible with age is sadly a thing (…doh!) …Luckily I have my PMD on hand to combat them though!

    • My skin is also very plump and after applying my facial oil I noticed that all of my lines have diminished or are very faint. I could hardly even see my forehead lines, which are normally very visible. (Again I actually had to get my magnifying mirror out to examine my forehead as it truly almost looked like my deep forehead lines had been erased. It was only after having a proper good squint into the mirror could I just about make out some faint traces of what were once quite prominent lines!)

    • Once again it is evident that my facial oil and this device are perfect partners.

    • Again like last week I can visibly see and feel that another layer of dead skin has come off and love it! By the way, the dead skin that comes off is nothing to be repulsed by as it is just a very fine dust…if anything seeing the dead skin coming off is actually very satisfying as you know that you're paving the way for lovely new healthy skin!

    • Post-treatment, as I was washing my face if felt so much lovelier and smoother than before. Again, I can't wait until next week to lose another layer of this pesky dead skin!

    • I am really really amazed at this week’s results! This might sound weird as I’m only in my thirties and hardly “past it“ or anything, but if I had to sum up how my face looks after this week’s treatment in one word, then I would say “youthful.” I think the reason this word comes to mind is largely due to the “airbrushed” effect to my skin, and secondly, immediately after I had used the device my face looked soooo smooth – so smooth that you could probably notice the smoothness from a mile away!

    • I don’t think I really had any redness on my face post-treatment this week – if I did it was very little and disappeared very quickly. [I can’t remember for sure as I was too busy looking in the mirror being wowed at my lovely smooth airbrushed skin lol!] My face was a little sensitive/tender again post-treatment (it feels similar to how the Magnitone makes my skin feel so isn’t a new phenomenon for me), but it is particularly dry and irritable anyway at the moment due to the cold weather.

    • In summary this week’s results are more prominent than last week's.

    …Given the above, it is funny how after just two weeks, this device has become so invaluable to me. Those of you who like to see speedy results from your beauty tools will particularly like the PMD!

    Week 3
    • Again, immediately after treatment I am left with smooth, soft airbrushed-looking skin. My fines have again visibly reduced – with the best results being on my frown lines (between the eyebrows) and my forehead lines. Again, most of my pores are barely visible.

    • The next day I had a good look in the mirror during the daytime/daylight and saw that: Again, the skin looks brighter, clearer and my skin tone looks more even too, but also I have noticed my skin looks more radiant and dewier than before (I think my facial oil worn overnight greatly helped here too).

    • It’s great to see the results get better week-by-week!

    Week 4
    This week I decided to move to the blue disc (for ‘sensitive’ skin) - the results:

    …Seriously how is it even possible for this nifty tool to surprise me again? 
    So yup AGAIN this weeks results were totally awesome:

    • Skin looks airbrushed – especially my forehead (where I normally have so many pesky lines)…it literally looks like it has been ironed out – no lie! I love it!!

    • Again the skin is so smooth, soft, bright and clear. However the real standout result this week is that post-treatment my skin looked dewy and moist – and this was before I had even applied my facial oil! Then when I did actually apply my facial oil it simply melted into the skin like butter, and left my skin both looking and feeling plump. Basically my skin looks all healthy and back to normal – by ‘normal’ I mean all healthy, glowy and dewy, like it looked before the colder weather of recent months came along and made it look all dull and dry.

    • For the last 3 weeks the grey disc was my hero, but since using the blue disc I am in love! Basically all the great results I experienced with the grey disc are just magnified by the blue disc. E.g. my facial oil sunk in even better – I mean as if this was even possible! …but yup my skin simply drank it up in a jiffy and my face just plumped up instantly! Secondly my face just looks even more airbrushed then it did last week… AGAIN – I didn’t even think this was possible, but hey what can I say asides from I flippin’ love the blue disc and this device in general!!

    • Also my skin is REALLY BRIGHT and looks so clear! I think my skin looks even brighter than last week given the fact that this week, the device has left my skin looking dewy - so basically my whole overall complexion looks fab!

    • As you go up a disc the level of abrasiveness increases – thus given the fact that I was using a more abrasive disc than last time, I was expecting my skin to feel slightly sore afterwards. To my surprise, post-treatment my skin actually seemed less sore than it did in previous weeks – perhaps this was because my skin was all sore and dry from winter back then, and secondly (after owning the device for a few months): I came to the conclusion that as time goes on your skin gets used to the microdermabrasion treatment, which is why it no longer feels sore - well at least that’s my experience.

    • 3 days later my skin is still smooth, soft, bright, largely clear (aside from the odd persisting blemish), glowing, moist, and in terms of lines/wrinkles I am largely line-free! I couldn’t be more pleased! …Now I’m just thinking that I really need to get my mum one of these – this device is such a great gift idea! Definitely something to consider for next Mother’s Day.

    Now I was going to stop my ‘week-to-week’ diary of results here at Week 4, since I assume that most people looking for a quick round-up of this device would only be interested in the first month’s results; however since I only had one more disc to go (the green disc), I thought why not try that disc next and include the findings into my blog review – hence I'm sharing the details of my Week 5 with you. I thought that this way, anyone interested in buying this device and wanting to get an overview of how it preforms in the short-term, can have a nice quick summary of how all the different discs supplied with the device preform. 

    (Please note: I personally would not have moved up a disc intensity so quickly, and would have continued with the blue disc for a minimum of 2-3 weeks before even deciding on switching up a notch. As mentioned above, I only switched up a disc for review purposes - so that people can get a quick snapshot of how all the discs supplied with the device work.)

    Week 5
    • So this week I switched up the intensity again and tried the last disc in the pack – the green disc which is for ‘medium strength abrasion.’ Later on - after I had already used this disc, I read on the website that this disc is actually designed for those with non-sensitive skin. The instructions included with the device don’t state this and simply say that it is for ‘medium strength abrasion,’ so being a slightly sensitive skin type I would have been wary of using this disc had I known this beforehand. Luckily it was no worry though as I didn’t experience any discomfort at all from the disc. I still think that the instruction booklet should include the full information on each disc like on the website though.

    • Now again, I initially expected this disc to be slightly painful/unpleasant to use, given the fact that it was the last disc in the pack, and thus the ‘strongest’. As just mentioned, this disc wasn’t unpleasant to use at all.

    • So the results of using the green disc were that I was left with a bright, glowing, even-toned complexion, plus my skin was smooth, supple, and felt amazingly soft afterwards. All of my lines/wrinkles appear to have diminished/are barely visible - except my marionette lines but that is to be expected, especially as I smile and laugh a lot! (Plus lately I have not been keeping my skin as hydrated as I normally do so this seems to have played a factor in this).

    • The next day I couldn’t see my pores, and had to really peer hard into the mirror to make them out! 

    • Now this week, I was actually having a bit of a ‘bad skin’ week so had a few blemishes here and there [I don’t normally suffer from breakouts so attribute my recent blemishes mainly to eating too many naughty sugary snacks lately]. So of course, I was mega pleased to see that my spots/blemishes had diminished the next day too! Plus my marionette lines were slightly plumper today too – this is clearly down do the nourishing facial oil that I applied overnight.

    Tip: You’re really missing a trick if you don’t apply your skincare products immediately after treatment (obviously after washing your face first), as they sink in like a dream and thus preform better.

    So that’s my 1-5 week diary of results, I thought that this summary would be particularly helpful to those of you who are all about the quick visible results. Everyone’s skin is different, but like me you should hopefully get great results from your very first treatment – you gotta love that! For me, I achieved all the great results that I wanted to from this device after a month of use, thus from Week 4 onwards my subsequent use of the device was purely for maintenance - which is important because you want your skin to retain to all these amazing new benefits!

    For those of you interested in some more longer-term results, read on below:
    Since using this device consistently, and owning it for some months now, I have gained some interesting insights which have served to have tailored the way that I now use the device going forwards long-term. Hopefully these insights will be helpful to others:

    - If after using this device for a good consistent chunk of time, you suddenly discover that your pores have became exposed and thus look more prominent then this could be because: 

    Thanks to all your previous weekly uses of the PMD, you have now reached the point where any unwanted dry skin has been removed from your face, and thus you are now just over-exfoliating the skin unnecessarily. You’ll know if you’ve reached this point because as well as exposed pores your skin will also be really really smooth (it will actually look like it’s been sandpapered) but will look super ‘matte’ as opposed to being dewy. [Note some people might not mind this matte uber-smooth finish, but I personally prefer a dewy look to the skin.]

    The solution: Time to give my skin a rest for a few weeks now. Then from that point forward I decided that my plan going forward with the PMD was to use it in blocks of 4/5 weeks at a time, and then let the skin rest/rejuvenate for a few weeks until I commenced my next block of 5-6 weeks.

    - One day, further down the line, I had an “aha moment” as I realised that the over-exfoliation only started to occur after I had begun using the green disc. So now I simply don’t use the green disc anymore as I don’t need that level of exfoliation, but those with thicker/tougher skin who have non-sensitive skin would probably be a better fit for the green disc though.

    - I also realised that I can actually use the device for longer blocks of time if I wanted to (e.g. 8 weeks plus etc), provided that I stick to the grey disc as it seems to be just the right level of abrasiveness for me. I am a firm believer in the notion of “all good things in moderation” though, so think that using the device for blocks of 4-5 weeks at a time, then leaving a short break is the best way forward for me personally though.

    - So whilst it seems that my disc of choice is the grey disc, I wasn’t keen to permanently part ways with the blue disc, as if you remember from my Week 4 results this disc more or less ironed out my forehead lines! Clearly this is a great disc for wrinkle-busting so whilst I won’t now use it for all-over face application, I do get it out from time to time to use on my deeper lines/wrinkles only. I actually really like the fact that I can customise my application with different discs.

    Note, the above findings are my own little personal insights and may not apply to everyone – especially because everyone’s skin is different, and thus the results of using the PMD can vary from person to person.

    So given the above, you can clearly see that I am a big fan of this device – it is simply superb! So I honestly struggle to come up with any negatives, except for these few minor points:

    The device doesn’t seem to work as well on the flatter areas of the face, thus I experienced less suction on the forehead…but yet despite this, I still somehow managed to attain remarkable results on my forehead - namely the top of my forehead, which thanks to the PMD is now significantly de-lined! Happy times! The only other negatives are that: I don’t like to be constrained to a cord so wish that the device was cordless, and lastly it would have been nice if a storage a bag was supplied with the device, but this is no real biggie. …and in terms of negatives, that’s it really!

    Other useful things of note
    • I find this device completely painless to use. In fact, the only time I have ever had a minor 'ouch moment' was when I hit a small spot/blemish as I was moving the device over the curvature of my face. Regarding the device’s vacuum suction - yes you do feel the suction on the skin but it’s not painful or anything to be scared off. I won’t lie, at first the suction was a somewhat unique and unfamiliar experience so did feel a bit strange, but I soon got used to it.

      • The device does take a bit of practice/getting used to, so I can see how some people could struggle or use it incorrectly (and thus experiencing negative side-effects). My advice though is to make sure that you practice loads beforehand with the white training disc, and as already mentioned, make yourself thoroughly familiar with the dos and don’ts. It’s a good idea to read the manual properly and watch the instructional DVD a few times.

      • What I love most about the PMD is that it gives quick results. Looking back you can see that Week 2 was a real breakthrough week for me in terms of experiencing astounding results. I mean having your lines and wrinkles disappear so miraculously is pretty epic isn’t it?!! 

      • I also really love the fact that the effects are long lasting: In my first few months of owning this device, there have been times where I have taken a break for a few weeks, and to my amazement the bulk of my lines remained diminished - even those that were once quite prominent! These results speak for themselves really, and I now know why this device has so many rave reviews – it’s a real must-have!!

      …Achieving results that I could never even have dreamt off!
      So as you now know from reading the above, I have experienced a multitude of amazing results from using this one single beauty tool alone! Here is a summary:

      • Smooth, soft skin
      • Diminished pores
      • Diminished lines and wrinkles
      • Clearer blemish-free skin
      • Brighter skin
      • Even skin tone
      • Moist/dewy glowing skin
      • Plumper, more supple skin

      More cost-effective than salon treatment
      The cost of salon microdermabrasion can typically range from about £40-80 onwards, thus in the long-run the PMD is the more cost-effective. Now yes you do have to buy replacement discs for your device after three to four treatments, so basically each disc can be used for about a month before it needs replacing - but the good new is that the discs come in packs and the cost is still much cheaper than a salon treatment!

      This is because you can buy replacement discs in a pack of 6 (comprising of 2 large discs for the body, and 4 small discs for the face) for £19. I think this is excellent value – especially since the 4 small facial discs will give you 4 months of use. So really for someone like me who currently uses the tool for facial use only, you are just paying £19 every 4 months – not bad!! (That’s just £57 a year - in some salons this might be the cost of just one treatment!) So there you go, the numbers speak for themselves. Thus given the above, do not be put of by the £135 price tag because this device is definitely worth the investment – treatment is mega cost-effective and the results are simply outstanding!

      I’m not saying that the results of this device are bang-on on par with getting the treatment done at a salon, but it is a pretty awesome cheaper alternative.

      In summary:
      …so do I recommend the PMD? Well with all the many wonderful skincare benefits that this device offers - from disappearing pores to diminished fine lines, my answer is of course yes!! I recommend this device a million percent! It is also so nice to have finally found an exfoliation device that actually caters for sensitive skin types like myself - the grey disc (for 'very sensitive' skin) in particular is a real blessing!

      As a lady in her 30s who is now prone to pesky fine lines – I absolutely adore the anti-aging aspects of this device, thus think that others looking for a quick and effective anti-aging solution may like this device too. I am still astonished that an ‘at-home’ beauty device could combat lines and wrinkles so superbly! …Of all the many beauty gadgets that I own, the PMD Personal Microderm is right up there amongst my ultimate all-time favourites!!

      Find out more on the PMD website here. as ever, another honest and detailed review for you – I hope it was helpful

      Aimee xx

      *PR Sample


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